Who is a tax agent?

A tax agent is a person who prepares the returns of income required to be filed for 10 or more taxpayers and is one of the following:

  • a practitioner carrying on a professional public practice
  • a person carrying on a business or occupation in which returns of income are prepared,

A tax agent can be an individual, partnership or company that meets the definition of a “tax agent” under section 34B(2) of the Tax Administration Act 1994.

Registering with us brings a number of benefits for both tax agents and their clients.

Advantages for a registered tax agent

As a registered tax agent you:

  • have access through our tax agents’ 0800 self-service line to a range of automated services specifically designed to help with most of your common queries
  • can sign up to receive Agents Answers, our monthly newsletter containing up-to-date information from us
  • are assigned an account manager to facilitate your relationship with us
  • can choose to have your client’s tax information sent directly to you or your client
  • have access to tools on our website designed specifically for you, and
  • can spread your return filing over the year rather than have it all occur during one peak period.

Advantages for clients

Clients of registered tax agents can:

  • have an automatic extension of time to file income tax returns, and
  • allow their tax agent immediate access to their tax information by providing signed approval.