The State Government suspends daily ticket payment

As part of his continuous efforts to build a bridge of peace and
tranquility among the citizenry of the State, the State Governor of
Osun, Mr. Gboyega Oyetola has once again exhibited a portrait of
virtue by ordering suspension of the disputed daily ticket
consolidation of N100 fee payable to the association and N100 payable
to State Government as road tax agreed upon by the commercial Okada
Riders’ association and the State Government till further notice in
order to entertain all concerns.

Mr. Governor gave this charge today through the Secretary to the Board
of Osun Internal Revenue, Mrs. Oluwatosin Falomo.

While setting the records straight, the Board Secretary, Mrs.
Oluwatosin Falomo, said, there was an initial agreement between the
State Government and Okada Riders’ Associations on the consolidated
fee of N100 payable to State Government as road tax on every
commercial motorcyclist in the state and another N100 payable to the
association’s coffers as against the misinformation perpetuated by
some elements that the whole sum of N200.00 was charged and to be
collected by government.

She further said that the step was taken not on the premise of
extortion rather to improve on the economy of the State with its
aftermath effect on the betterment of all and sundry.

In the light of this new development, she said, “all commercial Okada
Riders in the State are enjoined to allow peace to reign by carrying
on with their daily activities devoid of rancor”.

Abdul Wasiu Babalola
Reporting from OIRS

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